Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa

About Robin Morris

Robin Morris has surfed for more years than he can remember. He lives in paradise in Jeffreys Bay, awaking every day to gaze down the throat of a magnificent, dancing Super Tubes, renowned as the ultimate right hand reef break and rated as one of the top ten perfect breaking waves in the world.

Robin spent several years in the business arena. Initially holding top marketing positions in Robertson’s Spices and Coca-Cola before launching his own Advertising Agency – Dynamics Advertising & Design – that became a landmark blue-chip Ad Agency in Natal. The family relocated to Jeffreys Bay in 1996 to a wonderful house situated on the beach, overlooking Tubes and down the line into Supers. Pro surfers - Kelly Slater, Pat O Connell, Taylor Knox and Shane Dorian stayed at the house with the Morris family for the following consecutive ten years for the annual Billabong WCT event, held in July every year. Five years after moving to J/Bay, Robin started the Quiksilver retail brand in the area, building seven stores from Port Elizabeth to St Francis Bay. He is now retired.

Robin is also an avid musician, highly respected for his guitar wizardry. He’s produced several of his own albums to-date that have been distributed worldwide. He takes a keen interest in all the arts and has helped many fledging creative’s and young businessmen to achieve greater heights.

Besides surfing and music, Robin’s other interests are Yoga; Martial Arts; Writing and Golf. He has penned several books to-date, ranging from fictional novels, which have sold worldwide, to marketing books that are still used as reading material in Universities and Colleges throughout South Africa.

Robin’s Books Published To-date:

Music CD’s include:

Some of the books and CD's can be downloaded from this website. Follow the links above to read more.