Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa After The Light

After The Light

This double album is a mix of Rock and Blues with just a twist of Jazz in all the right places. Soaring horn sections compliment the guitar driven melodies.

A unique line-up of vocalists include:

  • Legendary Bluesman, Jono Lemley
  • The multi talented Simple News duo of Marcus (Boy) Stokwe and Mazami (Zamma) Charlie bring their Rap & Rock influence to the Blues
  • Plus the sensational voice of Simone Joubert adds her own personal touch.

Come get some...!

You can listen to shortened (50 seconds) lo-fi versions of the songs by clicking on the respective links below.

CD - 1

01 Running Through The Jungle
02 This Is Our World
03 Acoustic Ballad
04 Into The Blue
05 Have Some Fun Tonight
06 Fly With Me
07 Joker's Den
08 I Like It
09 Running
10 Highway Of Stars
11 Country Ballad For War
12 Old Ghost Train
13 Lazy

CD - 2

01 Barrelhouse Blues
02 45 Seconds
03 Smoky Town News
04 Sunday Blues
05 Johnny
06 Gotcha
07 Super Star
08 Mary Jane
09 Don't Fight Me
10 Runaway
11 Come Back To Me
12 Lawdy Mama
13 Light

The full CD is available at R 100.00 (South Africa only) including postage.

To order this album (South Africa only), email:

Internationally, you can order a hard copy or a download from: cdbaby; Spotify; iTunes; Amazon; plus many other online distribution sites.