Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa Acoustic Tracks

Acoustic Tracks

This acoustic album is a touch of light rock and blues, comprising Martin six string, Guild twelve string, Takimine Classical nylon, some piano, acoustic bass and selected tasty strings, plus beautiful arrangements and awesome mixed vocals...

You can listen to shortened (50 seconds) lo-fi versions of the songs by clicking on the respective links below.

CD - 1

01 Open Tune
02 Acoustic Interlude
03 Needles
04 Running
05 What Have We Done
06 Another Day
07 One Day At A Time
08 45 Seconds
09 Careless
10 Sha La Lee
11 Used To Be
12 Big Pink
13 Acoustic Ballad
14 Some Ole' Blues

The full CD is available at R 100.00 (South Africa only) including postage.

To order this album (South Africa only), email:

Internationally, you can order a hard copy or a download from: cdbaby; Spotify; iTunes; Amazon; plus many other online distribution sites.