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Why Vegan
ISBN: 9798372151642

This is a captivating read - prepare to have your eyes opened, mediate a definitive change in your existing eating habits for long-term health and enjoy enlightened spiritual peace and harmony within…

Meditation Simplified
ISBN: 9798356663239

With this book you will learn to breathe effectively and meditate deeply…

What If God Was One Of Us
ISBN: 9798704664239

A succinct spiritual overview to a path of light and love…

A Spiritual Awakening
ISBN: 9798842423767

An Open-Minded Path to a Life of Light & Love. This is a fascinating insight into experiencing a wonderful life of joy and spiritual development, free of religious commitments and restrictions. Includes easy meditation techniques...

The Incredible Story About A German Shepherd & A Sailor
ISBN: 198 1184066

A wonderful story about the author’s compulsory one year National Defence Service in the South African Navy as a dog handler, with a remarkable German Shepherd.

The Life & Times Of Led Zeppelin
ISBN: 978-1-105-68569-9

This is the story of one of the greatest hard rock bands in the world. Beginning in the sixties in London.

Legends On Four Legs
ISBN: 978-0-9870149-8-6

This is a wonderful book about caring for your dog. Succinctly told, with endearing support photo's and anecdotes, the book illustrates man's unique energy bond with these incredibly sensitive animals...

Energy Within Us Without Us
ISBN: 978-0-9870149-1-7

This is a spiritually enlightening book that takes the essence of the previous book, 'I See Therefore I Am I Think...' and expands on the energy concept. The author defines the energy levels and describes ways of tuning into the magnetic energy source to achieve pure joy in life...

I See Therefore I Am I Think...
ISBN: 978-0-620-49191-4

It’s a matter of personal choice when deciding what spiritual path one should walk in life. Sometimes the horizon gets tainted and one can be led astray. In this fascinating book the author has provided a broad perspective on life enhanced with many words of wisdom ...

Da Kahuna Kidz and Da Tsunami
ISBN: 978-0-9870149-3-1

This is a wonderful story about six teddy bears who live on an imaginary spiritual island in the tropics. Each teddy bear has unique abilities which they use to earn their daily manna and help the other animals who inhabit Kahuna Island.

Plane Shaping - How To Build A Surfboard
ISBN: 978-0-9870149-2-4

Traditionally, the manufacturing process of shaping a surfboard has been a closely guarded secret. Normally, dedicated craftsmen in the business will school only their chosen ones in this technical skill, denying all others access to this incredible art form.

Well now the cat is out of the bag so to speak as ‘Plane Shaping’ tells all. This book describes in detail – How To Build A Surfboard. It covers all stages from preparation to the tools and equipment needed plus the actual shaping process, even the spraying detail and finally, the finishing and sanding.

Bongeni - An African Saga
ISBN: 978-0-9870149-0-0

Bongeni is the incredible story of a young Zulu boy who has to flee from his tribe in Zululand when his father is tragically killed in battle.

He is entrusted by his mother to deliver the sacred half lion’s tooth to his uncle on the South Coast of Natal. The destiny of the future Zulu nation depends on Bongeni fulfilling the delivery.

On his amazing journey he meets three friends, a young Boer, an American and an Irish girl. Together they get caught up in the spectacular Anglo-Boer war while on the way to their various destinations.

Staying Alive – Published by Soldier of Fortune, USA
ISBN: 0-812-51235-9

Staying Alive – Published by Soldier of Fortune, USA

The Marketing Principle – Published by Butterworths, South Africa
ISBN: 9-780409-107357

The Marketing Principle – Published by Butterworths, South Africa

Township Marketing – Published by Juta, South Africa
ISBN: 9-780702-127861

Township Marketing – Published by Juta, South Africa