Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa I See Therefore I Am I Think

I See... Therefore I Am... I Think...

ISBN: 978-0-620-49191-4

Using the concept that our magnificent Universe consists of a gravity induced magnetic field of energy, creating an environment of perfect equilibrium, Robin Morris has produced a God Driven book on Life to illustrate how one can use this Universal power of dualism or balance of opposites, to engage in everyday life and win. The left versus right brain plus the four intriguing brainwave patterns open up a whole new dimension of thinking for the more liberal players in life. There are also many angles and some interesting takes on how one can use the various consciousness levels to one’s advantage, consequently improving one’s lifestyle.

The author’s brief insight into religion is illuminating and thought provoking. I particularly found the chapters on meditation captivating and easy to grasp. The exercises have since become a daily ritual for me. I have finally discovered how to calm my left brain and explore my Subconscious at my leisure. This is a self motivational book on life. What makes it different are the wonderful real life stories and anecdotes, spiced with humour, that illustrate and reinforce the author’s opinion on various subjects. Robin Morris has created a deep and profound read which is captivating and mesmeric. As the cover states: It will take you on an incredible journey.

It certainly took me on one and opened my eyes…!

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