Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa How To Build A Surfboard

Plane Shaping - How To Build A Surfboard

ISBN 978-0-9870149-2-4

Traditionally, the manufacturing process of shaping a surfboard has been a closely guarded secret. Normally, dedicated craftsmen in the business will school only their chosen ones in this technical skill therefore denying all others access to this incredible art form.

Well now the cat is out of the bag so to speak as ‘Plane Shaping’ tells all. This book describes in detail – How To Build A Surfboard. It covers all stages from preparation to the tools and equipment needed plus the actual shaping process, even the spraying detail and finally, the finishing and sanding.

With this book you will be able to make a decent surfboard if you follow the procedure. It covers all the pitfalls and shortcuts in detail.

Recommended for all surfers as it will give you an excellent insight into what works and why and how important even the smallest detail can be to improve your surfing ability. With this knowledge you will be able to talk to your local shaper in far more detail and help him to create you the perfect masterpiece - if you don’t want to do it yourself!!!

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