Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa Earth Vibrations

Earth Vibrations

Filled with ambient orchestral backings, soaring strings, subtle wind instruments, deep rhythms and soul searching guitar licks. This album is packed with fourteen incredible songs, each song laden with unique arrangements in classic World Music style. Sit back, relax, close your eyes, turn on and simply enjoy...

You can listen to shortened (50 seconds) lo-fi versions of the songs by clicking on the respective links below.

01 Cosmic Cowboy
02 Freedom
03 Ocean Fantasy
04 Sand Dunes
05 Alive
06 The Journey
07 Strat Talking
08 One Day At A Time
09 The Search
10 Riding With The Wind
11 The Following
12 Awaken
13 Out Of The Blue
14 Walkin' da Blues

The full CD is available at R 100.00 (South Africa only) including postage.

To order this album (South Africa only), email:

Internationally, you can order a hard copy or a download from: cdbaby; Spotify; iTunes; Amazon; plus many other online distribution sites.