Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa Da Kahuna Kidz And Da Tsunami

Da Kahuna Kidz and Da Tsunami

ISBN: 978-0-9870149-3-1

This is a wonderful story about six teddy bears who live on an imaginary spiritual island in the tropics.

Each teddy bear has unique abilities which they use to earn their daily manna and help the other animals who inhabit Kahuna Island.

Soulman – meditates and uses his extra sensory abilities to heal and spread goodwill among all the island inhabitants

  • Surfer Joe – surfs the perfect waves of Kahuna Island and looks after all the marine life and the water elements
  • Skater Eddie – wows the animals with his skateboard riding abilities
  • Tomboy Tami – surfs and dances the sacred Kahuna Hula dance
  • Shilo Shebear – uses meditation and martial arts to reach her destiny of perfection
  • Foxy Lady – The island musician.

In this story the teddies are faced with a massive approaching tsunami that threatens to destroy their island...

Supported with superb illustrations by legendary marine artist, ‘Stephen Bibb’

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