Robin Morris - Jeffrey's Bay South Africa Bongeni An African Saga

Bongeni - An African Saga

ISBN: 978-0-9870149-0-0

Bongeni is the incredible story of a young Zulu boy who has to flee from his tribe in Zululand when his father is tragically killed in battle. He is entrusted by his mother to deliver the sacred half lion’s tooth to his uncle on the South Coast of Natal. The destiny of the future Zulu nation depends on Bongeni fulfilling the delivery.

On his amazing journey he meets three friends, a young Boer, an American and an Irish girl. Together they get caught up in the spectacular Anglo-Boer war while on the way to their various destinations.

The Anglo-Boer war was without doubt the most horrific war ever fought on South African soil. Although the story is fiction the actual battle scenes and events are all historically accurate, which makes the story a compelling read.

For anyone who is passionate about South Africa and it’s history then this is a must read. Follow Bongeni and his friends on their epic journey throughout Natal and the Midlands as they encounter the might of the British forces...

And for the ladies there is an enthralling love triangle that will hold you to the last page...

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